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Thursday, 26 March 2015

9. Mat Effect

Mat Effect in Photoshop

1.Open new page and background color black.

2.Open a new image and copy this layer.Write layer's name.
 3.Create a new layer -> Go to rectangular marquee tool and draw rectangular.
    fill the black color.

4.Adjust possession
   select layer 1 -> Press Ctrl T and set your possession.
5. Copy to layer 1
6.Merge layer
  select layer 1 to layer 1 copy 5 -> Right click on the selected Layer -> choose Merge Layer
  Your image look this

7.Write the layer1 name "Line" . 
8.Then go to rectangular marquee tool & select all -> Go to image menu -> Crop

9.Select ayesha layer and click add layer mask. Then open your layer mask thumbnail.

10. Select ayesha layer mask thumbnail -> press Ctrl and click line layer -> Ctrl backspace to black

11.Go to line layer -> Press Ctrl T -> Right click -> flip horizontal
    Your image look like this.
12.Select ayesha 2 layer & same process(9&10)
13.Press Ctrl Alt Shift and click on ayesha layer mask thumbnail &  ayesha 2 layer mask thumbnail.

14.Select lasso tool and de select alternate.
    Press Alt & deselect

   Then Press Ctrl J to ayesha layer
15.Same process (13-14) in ayesha 2 layer
16.Select Layer 1 -> Right click -> creat clipping mask
    Go to layer menu -> Layer style -> Outer Glow
                Bland mode -> Normal
                Color -> black
                Size -> 25 px

17.Same process (16) in layer 2
   Ready to your mat effect in photoshop