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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

5. how can make fire effect in photoshop


1.Open a new page & background color choose black.
2.Type "FIRE"   whit color.
 3.Go to layer box and select fire layer then press   " ctrl  j " to copy fire layer.
 4.Fire copy layer's indicates layervisibility click (off).
5.Then select fire layer.
 7.Go to image menu -> select image rotation and 90` cw  .
 7.Go to filter menu -> select syylize -> wind & OK, to wind box.
                      Method -> wind
                      Direction -> from to Left
8.Press    "ctrl f"    to repeat.
 9.Go to image menu ->select image rotation and 90`ccw
10.Click adjustment layer and choose hue/saturation 
             Colorize -> on
             Then hue ->40
              saturation -> 100
              Lightness -> 0
11.Same process repeat Click adjustment layer and choose hue/saturation to open hue/saturation box but only.
             hue ->     -15

12.Go to layer and select fire layer.
13.Go to filter menu -> blur -> gaussion blur to open gaussion blar box.
             Radius -> 2.6  pixels
and press OK Button
14.Again go to filter menu -> select Liquify to open liquify box. Choose Forward warp tool & drag in the box -> press OK button.
15.Select fire copy layer and click indicates layer visibility (on)
16.Choose Gradient Tool as you like.