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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

18. Fire effect on the tiger in photoshop

Fire effect on the tiger
1.       Open a Tiger  image in photoshop
2.       Select Tiger from quick selection tool.
3.       Copy , selected tiger and paste a new page. Background color black.
4.       Select tiger layer → Go to layer menu → Duplicate layer
5.       Go to image menu → Image rotation → 90ccw
6.       Select tiger layer → Filter menu → Stylize → Wind (select wind & from the right) → Ok
7.       Go to filter menu → Liquify → Select forward warp tool → Drag on the image
8.       Click adjustment layer → Hue/Saturation → (colorize on, Hue 40, saturation 100)
9.       Again click adjustment layer → Hue/Saturation → Only {Hue(-10)}
10.   Go to image layer → image rotation → 90cw

11.   Tiger copy layer on and erase down position.

Friday, 21 August 2015

17. Dispersion Effect in photoshop

Make a Dispersion Effect in photoshop.

1.Open a image in photoshop.

2.Select girl body from quick selection tool.

3.Go to layer menu -> choose new ->layer via copy.

4.Again go to layer menu -> choose new ->layer via copy.
5.Delet layer 1

6.Select layer 2 -> Go to filter menu -> liquify -> select warp tool -> drag on the image as you like -> OK

7.Select layer 2 copy ->choose eraser tool -> select brush style as you like then erase half image.

8.Select layer 2 add layer layer mask -> set color(forground color black & background color white) -> choose brush tool and drag on the image.

9.Again select layer mask thumbnail -> set color(forground color whit & background color black) -> choose brush tool and drag on the image.

10.Creat a new layer & fill the color.