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Saturday, 4 April 2015

13. CLIPPING MASK in photoshop


1.       Open a image in the Photoshop.
2.       Go to layer menu and click duplicate layer → Press OK button →
       Ready to your image copy layer.
3.       Select image layer and click create new fill or adjustment layer → Solid color → Pick white color → OK.
4.       Go to rectangle tool and make a rectangle on the image.
5.       Select image copy layer → Right click on the image copy layer → create clipping mask.
You can see create a Shape 1 layer.

6.       Select shape 1 layer → Go to layer menu → Layer style → Blending option → Apply Drop shadow and stroke effect.

7.       Select image copy layer and shape 1 layer → Go to layer menu → Choose group layers .
You can see your selected layer grouped.
8.       Again select the group 1 layer →Go to layer menu → Duplicate group.
9.       Again repeat process no. 8 .
10.   Select shape 1 in every groups image and drag the position.